Course Authorization Instructions

课程授权, 也称为课程覆盖, permit registration in courses that the student would otherwise be restricted from registering for during the registration process.

Common 课程授权 include Overload/Capacity Override, which allows the student to register for a course that has reached the maximum seat limit, and Co-requisite/Prerequisite Override, which allows registration in courses where the condition has not been met. Overloads/Capacity Overrides can be requested using the form on myHilltop. For all other overrides, use the course program or course prefix and number (i.e., ACCT, BIOL, MSLC, 嘘 1301, etc.), locate the program or school you must contact for authorization. Name, ID number and CRN (course reference number) are required when requesting authorization.

请查看 校历 to see when the Overload Request will open for each term. This request is used by Traditional 本科 students only. 研究生 students will need to contact their school of study for information about course overloads.


当课程达到容量时, students are able to place themselves on the waitlist if they meet all prerequisites and requirements for the course, 候补名单上还有空位.

Waitlisting is a first come, first served process and does not guarantee a seat in the course. Students should select an alternate course if they are unable to register for the waitlisted course.

如果有座位的话, the student will receive an email notification with a 24-hour limit to return to the add/drop screen and register. Failure to register within the 24-hour window will result in the student being dropped from the waitlist and the seat being offered to the next student in line.

Note: some waitlists may be restricted to a specific population (ex: majors only) and are not available to everyone.

视图 轮候名单日期. 教师 do not manage course waitlists, so please make sure to refer to the accordions above for contact information for waitlists and overloads.