Explore communication, art, graphic design, theater arts and more.

Our diverse 程序s empower students to transcend traditional boundaries of thought and action. At the 艺术与人文学院 you’ll become a lifelong learner dedicated to personal growth, 求知欲, 以及创造性的激情. 你的专业工作将超越课堂, preparing you for success in your career 通过 实习 and real world experiences.




Students are equipped to thrive in a demanding and innovative field. 阅读更多关于这个部门的信息, 你可以加入的专业和学生组织, 获得奖学金, 以及即将到来的活动.


Students are challenged to learn about multilingualism and multiculturalism so that they are prepared to live in a global world. Learn about this department and hear what some of our alumni have to say about life after the hilltop. 


Students majoring under this department become proficient in the written language and are primed for writing-intensive careers. 了解更多关于这个部门, 可选专业和辅修, 你可以加入学生组织, 以及即将到来的活动.


Students train with the best and have the real life experiences needed to excel in the creative field. 查看有关本部门的更多信息, professional opportunities available such as the Actors’ Equity Association, musical 程序s you can get involved with and 获得奖学金.


Gain transferrable life skills such as rational analysis, 批判性思维 and problem solving. 了解更多关于 this department and how you’ll be prepared for success after graduation — whether 通过 a job or continuing your educational journey.


Students explore the meaning and purpose of life 通过 a religious lens. Read about this department, 你可以加入学生组织 and 获得奖学金.


Students are encouraged to explore their creativity and then cultivate and refine their skills 通过 areas such as graphic design, video, 摄影, 游戏研究与绘画. 了解更多关于这个部门的信息, 可选专业和辅修, 你可以加入学生组织, 以及我们校友的成功. 


Sharon Diane Nell, Dean of the 艺术与人文学院.


拥抱机遇和挑战 ... 在德州搭上飞机,七小时后到达西班牙. Skype你的朋友在巴西. Share ideas with students in South Korea and South Africa via video-conferencing classrooms. 在脸谱网上支持全球人权运动. With every heartbeat, and tap of a keyboard, our world becomes more interconnected and accessible. 请听Sharon Nell院长的详细报道.


我们优秀的师资队伍 challenge and motivate students to think critically and creatively. As a result, perspectives are broadened and personal transformations begin. We promote the interests, strengths and goals of each student.  

We embody a bold spirit of adventure and take students abroad to countries such as France, 泰国, 英格兰和意大利. As students engage with diverse cultures and perspectives, they become global citizens.

艺术s and Humanities faculty win teaching and advising awards, 出版的书, 有作品参加过展览吗, perform in solo shows and contribute to the creative culture of both St. 爱德华和奥斯汀. 参见我们的教师工作的例子,包括 艺术展览 摄影收藏. 



Our 艺术s and Humanities 程序s contribute to a vibrant, creative and intellectual climate at St. 爱德华的. 我们支持许多项目, 组织机构, 提供探索和自我发现的机会.

St. 爱德华大学美术馆


美术画廊 showcases work from students and visiting artists from the 奥斯丁 community and across the globe. 

《山顶景色》是圣. 德克萨斯州奥斯汀的爱德华大学


这份学生办的校报每周出版一次. 读者也可以享受 山顶景观在线.



玛丽·穆迪北方剧院 stands at the center of the university’s theater training 程序 under the 艺术与人文学院. 这个剧院以专业模特儿运作, requiring students to learn all facets of theatrical production and demanding the highest level of commitment and craft in their work. 



的 玛西娅·金赛访问作家系列 带来了工作作家, 包括获奖小说家, 诗人和剧作家, 去校园读他们的作品, 谈论他们的写作并与学生互动. 



一年级学生与 学术咨询和支持项目. Academic counselors help students select and register for classes that are related to your interests and are appropriate for your degree plan. 


Upperclassmen are assigned to an advisor within the 艺术与人文学院. 找到你的导师 获取学位工作. See below for how to best address common advising questions.




入门学位工程 通过 myHilltop.


完成 校外课程申请表(RTTCOC 并以电子方式提交审阅. To determine courses that are acceptable to take off-campus, see the ACC等效指南. 了解更多关于 CLEP考试.


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Here are examples of what our 艺术s and Humanities’ students have accomplished after graduating from St. 爱德华: 


任务 声明

艺术与人文学院培养探究精神, 批判性思维, 并通过教学进行艺术表现, 学习, 奖学金, 创造性的工作, 倡议, 以及我们的学生和教师组织. We foster freedom and responsibility while encouraging the expansion of knowledge, 价值观的探索, and the discovery of one's self as an active citizen in the world. 



  • Prepare students for a rapidly changing world with a wide array of experiences—dynamic courses, 研究的机会, 实习, 服务学习, 出国留学, and leadership development—so that they may become engaged citizens, 创造者, and innovators; find rewarding jobs; and appreciate the joys of lifelong 学习. 
  • Create a community of diverse top-tier faculty who excel at teaching, 奖学金, 服务, 和指导;  
  • Provide state-of-the-art resources for students, faculty, and staff; 
  • Engage with the university and local communities 通过 expertise, outreach, and the arts.