Take on your world by serving your world. 

The Service Break Experience program provides opportunities for students, 教师, and staff to practice their beliefs through service to communities around the world. Rooted in the four pillars of building community, 做正义, 简单生活, 精神上的参与. Pre-COVID the program boasted one Winter Break, 十国内另类春假, 五、国际沉浸, 以及一个暑假的服务经验. As we enter into an endemic period, our goal is to host 6 SBEs! 

Participants engage in an long preparation process learning about the social justice and community issues of their site, 在当地非营利组织做志愿者, and building community with their group before the one or two-week service-immersion experience.



所有的圣. 爱德华的 University undergraduate students currently enrolled full-time are eligible. December graduates can participate in the December experience. 

Do I have to be Catholic to participate?

No, but we will encourage you to think about the connection between your spirituality and social action in the pre-immersion meetings and during the immersion. We will ask you to participate in Mass but are also open to attending services of other traditions, 取决于群体的意愿.


The fee helps to cover general room and board and transportation. It does not include the cost of immunizations, 护照, or additional items bought on the experience. 所有费用概不退还.

Fundraising is also required and supports the site; it doesn’t defray your out-of-pocket cost.

However, we do not want money to be a prohibitive factor in your application. 如果你有经济上的需要, you can apply for a grant from the 校园部 Service Break Experience Fund.

  • 另类春假, Winter of Service & 夏季服务| 450美元

  • 救灾体验| 500美元


冬季服务| 11月. 5

Do I get to choose where I will be going for my Service Break Experience?

是也不是. We look for participants who are open to the entire experience regardless of their placement. 因此, although we cannot guarantee your first choice, we try to match you to a service site based on your application, 面试和在学校的一年.


You will work with a group of 8-12 members of the St. 365比分网电竞 community throughout the school year and at your service site to build community, 做正义, 生活简单,精神投入. The specific service depends on your site placement. 灵活性是关键! 雨会发生. 交通发生了. 不要气馁. Sometimes, that’s when the best and unexpected things happen! In short, you will laugh a lot, work a lot, play a lot and grow a lot. # SBErocks


除了小组会议, fundraisers and community building activities, you can expect to participate in an Opening Ceremony, SBE收集, 委托与团聚. 


Each site has a different schedule, but we always have some free time. Groups will work together their time off. To promote community and ensure safety, you may not leave the group even if you have a friend or family nearby (they can visit you!). Every day, there will be time for you to take personal time to reflect or just be. It will be up to you to communicate your needs to the group.


安全是我们的首要任务. 任何旅行都有危险, but each of our sites are screened carefully and measure are taken to ensure your safety. Participants are never allowed to travel alone.


Full vaccination (completed course) is required for most sites. We volunteer amongst people and communities who are most vulnerable and the communities have asked that we be vaccinated. 

Can I bring my cellphone or other technology?

No. As a part of the pillar of 简单生活, we ask you to disconnect for your experience. Student Leaders and Advisors will have their phones in case of emergencies on site or at home. 

欲了解更多信息,请联系 莉莎Manjarrez.