"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.——爱丽丝·沃克

资源、教育 & 培训

Beyond our many events and student-led programming, we offer opportunities for more in-depth learning and training. We strive to build a community that intentionally commits to dismantle oppression, embrace our diverse perspectives and ensure an inclusive community for all on our campus. 


Do you have an idea for a custom training for your student organization, class or department? Our staff are more than happy to work with you to create a special workshop that fits your particular needs and prior experience!  


We proudly offer LGBTQ, Disability, and Undocu- 盟友培训. 这些培训旨在:

  • Foster a welcoming campus community that is inclusive of all sexual orientations and genders
  • Combat negative perceptions and attitudes faced by the LGBTQ, 禁用, and undocumented communities through education and dialogue
  • Explore how our Holy Cross mission and values promote compassion through recognition of the importance of human dignity
  • 实践技能, develop strategies and understand the role of intersectionality in supporting members of our campus community and beyond 
LGBTQ Ally 培训 Program Placard

Our campus has several single-stall bathrooms located throughout campus. These bathroom facilities can benefit everyone in our community. Whether you are looking for a different restroom option, assisting someone else to use our facilities, 陪同未成年人, 或者只是想要一些隐私, this map can guide you toward our on-campus options. Please click on the map below or the link above.

Gender Neutral Bathroom map for St. 365比分网电竞


Have you witnessed or experienced an incident of bias or discrimination on campus? Our staff can help you navigate the process. To report an incident of bias, contact diversity@meigdy.com 或者利用 关注学生表格. For more information about Bias Incident Response, please 点击这里.